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PASCAL MORABITO, an artist-designer, was born on the 3rd May 1945 in Nice France and comes from an Italian goldsmith family. When he finished his architecture’s studies, in 1968, he opened, in familial studios, the first artists’ jewelries department called “Centre de Création et d’Etudes du Bijou Contemporain ou Microarchitecture” (Creation and Study Center of Contemporary Jewelry or Microarchitecture). He became friend with many artists like Caesar, Dali, Vasarely and Yvaral, to whom he made their own micro-sculptures.

Pascal Morabito strives only in the luxury fields. He creates unique pieces of great jewelling for a private and international clientele. His years of creation were marked out by important steps: his jewel the “Diamant captif” (captive Diamond), confined in a cube of Plexiglas, set with gold, went round the world and enabled him to have a place in the Museum of Modern Art in New York. During the following years, he created and drew many works notably perfumes (1980), clothes, accessories (glasses, pens …), luggage, furniture and he was always successful. In 2007, he built his wonderful property the “MORABITO Art Villa” facing the Indian Ocean on the paradise island of Bali…

At the end of our encounter with Pascal Morabito, the latter was charmed by our creation of men underwear and inside outfits. Therefore, he entrusted the development of Pascal Morabito’s underwear line to us. Our collections are designed according to the concept: quality, comfort, ergonomics and well-being.

Our products must meet certain standards, which are quality and comfort so that every man who wears it, can always have a feeling of well-being.

We will be using a large range of material and cloth, like cotton, Egyptian cotton, modal, micro-modal, bamboo fiber, in order for modern men to have a better appropriateness with their varied activities.


pascal morabito underwear
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Présentation des collections de tenues d´intérieur et sous vêtements masculins moyen et haut de gamme de la marque Pascal Morabito. Des produits (boxer, shorty, slip, chaussette, pyjama) qui répondent à des critères précis de qualité, confort et ergonomie, fabriqués dans des matières nobles telles que le coton égyptien, le modal, le micro modal ou des matières naturelles comme la fibre de bambou.